Rates and Service for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

We offer a variety of walks to fit your dog's needs: 

Solo Walk30 Minutes$25
Solo Walk60 Minutes$35
Group Walk (max 6 dogs)60 Minutes$25
Cat Visit
Overnight Pet Sit
Vacation Visit
Pee Break
Vet Visit
Groomer Visit
Additional Family Dog

Included at NO EXTRA CHARGE $$

  • Walks Outside 7-7
  • Holiday Walks
  • Same Day Walks
  • Weekend Walks

Group Walks:

Group Walks help your dog get their daily exercise and playtime with other dogs. Walking regularly makes dogs healthier, happier and better adjusted.  Our groups are limited to 6 dogs so they get plenty of attention, affection, water and treats.  We’ll alternate between quiet neighborhoods, grassy parks, ocean fronts so they are entertained and well exercised.

Solo Walks:

If your dog doesn’t socialize well with other dogs or needs a slower pace because of age or physical issues, then a solo walk may be what’s best for them.  

Cat Visit : In pet owner’s home, cats will receive feeding, water, litter box clean up, and love.

Overnight Pet Sitting:( Done in Pet Owners Home, 7pm-7am) (Dogs and Cats)

If you want your pet to stay in the comfort of their own home while you’re unable to be there for a night, this is the option for you.  Twelve hour period includes: feeding, walking, water, playtime and meds if necessary.

Vacation/Out of Town Visits:

If you’re going out of town on business or pleasure and want your dog to stay in the familiarity and comfort of their own home, then give us a call.  You get an experienced professional to care for your dog and insure your home is secure and protected.  It’s much more comfortable for your dog and in many cases less expensive than boarding.  Includes: two (2) 30- 60 minute walks (you decide length), morning and evening, meals and fresh water, mail and newspaper retrieval, water plants, adjust lights and set alarm.

Pet Limo Service:

If you need us to take your dog to the vet, groomer, day care or someplace local, then give us a call.  We’ll pick up your dog in an air-conditioned vehicle, drop them off and return them safely to you if need be.

Initial Consultation Complimentary